Electronic platform for gender equality at local level - a unique tool in the region

The Gender Equality Resource Center at the local level is the purpose for which the electronic tool for municipalities was developed which was launched on November 12, 2015 in h. "Continental", Skopje. The Gender Equality Platform locally is a web-based tool and is available at www.rob.zels.org.mk for all municipalities. The uniqueness of this tool is not only because we are the first in the region, but also because it has been developed with the help of internal resources from the expert service of ZELS, said Director Dusica Perisic, addressing the attendees of the municipalities, Mayor of the Municipality City councilors, municipal councilors and coordinators for equal opportunities in municipalities. This activity will continue to be maintained and upgraded upon completion of the project “Strengthening the Capacity of Municipal Officers and Local Representatives for Gender Responsive Budgeting”, which we are implementing with the support of UN Women - UN Gender Equality and Empowerment for Women, as well as activities related to strengthening the capacities of municipal officials and members of the Commission for Equal Opportunities, as this is our character, which makes ZELS recognizable in the country and the region, ”she added. The representative of this unit also spoke about the support of the Sector for Equal Opportunities within the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy and the cooperation that ZELS has with them. She pointed to the legal opportunities and documents being developed and monitored by their sector. ZELS also had its own view of the activities of ZELS in the field of gender equality and gender responsive budgeting by Strengthening the Capacity of Municipal Officers and Local Representatives for Gender Responsive Budgeting ", with the support of UN Women - UN Gender Equality and Empowerment Body . She is particularly proud that ZELS has developed such a resource center for the municipalities, expressing hope that this example will be followed by other countries in the region. He emphasized that it is necessary to involve all relevant stakeholders in enriching the content of the platform. Particular support was requested from the municipal coordinators for equal opportunities in the municipalities. The project platform “Strengthening the Capacity of Municipal Officers and Local Representatives for Gender Responsive Budgeting” spoke about the content, goals and opportunities of the electronic platform. She emphasized the importance of the initiative and activity of all coordinators at the local level, as well as members of the Commission for Equal Opportunities of Women and Men in the Municipalities for revitalizing, enriching and visibility of this tool, first within the state and then beyond. On the other hand, the functions and the way of using the tool were discussed by the ZEPE expert, the ZELS e-Services Support Unit, who developed and will administer this electronic platform. The good practices of the municipalities of Bitola, Shtip will need in the future to encourage other municipalities to undertake measures for gender equality and creation of gender sensitive budgets. It is one of the goals of this electronic tool that we believe will be a successful and representative resource center for municipalities. An example of good practice is the initiative of the Municipality of Stip of Council members and the Mayor in the framework of the project “Reconciling the professional and family life of women” in 2014. The result of their efforts was a prolonged kindergarten working Saturday. This activity made it possible to take care of the children of parents working on Saturdays, for which analyzes were previously conducted. This activity was carried out in September and October 2014. This initiative and its results were also forwarded to the competent Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, in order to initiate implementation of such activities in other municipalities, according to their needs.