Training for administrators and users of the e-platform

On March 24th, 2021, organized by ZELS, an online training took place through the ZOOM platform intended for municipal IT sector users, set for using the tools of the electronic platform This activity is part of the project “Towards Gender-Responsive Municipalities: Strengthening Municipal Capacities for Gender Equality Policies and Gender Responsive Budgeting” (2019-2021) and it refers to a presentation of the innovations, meaning new upgraded tools that should contribute to the presentation of gender-disaggregated data from municipalities in one place.

The training was conducted by a representative of the IT company hired to upgrade and improve the functionality of the platform for gender-responsive budgeting, who also created a user manual for all functionalities and users engaged through the platform.

The platform contains several sub-pages such as news, announcements, gallery, map, digital library and statistics, and a visual presentation was delivered for each of the categories showing the manner of accessing the platform and users’ operations. A special focus was put on the statistics part, as a novelty that should help the municipalities to present their gender statistics by category, related to municipal competencies accordingly.

The user manual shall be supplemented in the upcoming period with updated information related to changes that are currently in realization through the e–platform and it will be shared with all municipalities.