Platform for gender responsive budgeting

Gender Equality and Gender Responsive Budgeting Platform

Program for equality of women and men in the Municipality of Bitola, Strategy for gender equality of the Municipality of Gjorce Petrov, Action plan for implementation of the strategy of the Municipality of Kocani, local good practices, contacts from the municipalities are some of the documents posted on the ZELS electronic platform for gender equality and gender-responsive budgeting. It is a central point of the municipalities for the exchange of information, knowledge and data for the needs of the municipalities, but also of other institutions whose focus is the equality of women and men at the local level.

The electronic platform for gender equality and gender-responsive budgeting, originally created as a tool for informing the municipalities about gender activities and gender-responsive budgeting, has been upgraded after 4 years with new forms that should enable municipalities to present gender-disaggregated data by categories related to their competencies.

The electronic platform was created as a result of the ZELS project “Strengthening the capacities of municipal officials and local representatives for gender-responsive budgeting”, implemented in the period 2013-2016 with the support of the UN Women Body in Skopje.

By continuing cooperation with them, ZELS through the project “Towards gender-responsive municipalities: strengthening municipal capacities for gender equality policies and gender-responsive budgeting” 2019-2021 advanced the electronic platform with new tools and techniques for displaying gender-disaggregated data by a municipality. It contains additional tools for the promotion of municipal activities for gender equality at a national and regional level, which would fulfil the purpose of turning it into a regional tool for informing and exchanging good practices of municipalities in the region that will collect and present regional experiences through links and articles.

Greater visibility and presentation of local initiatives and activities for gender equality and gender-responsive budgeting from one channel continues to be one of the goals of the platform. An interactive map of the municipalities where the gender profile of the municipalities is presented remains to be the main axis in the platform which contains important information about the municipality from a gender aspect.

The blog category is used for what local and national experts think about the progress in the implementation of gender policies and measures, and useful documents and literature, as well as video content, are located in the digital library category.